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CGI Artist | Industrial Designer

Alexandre Larnac is an industrial designer and CG Artist who brings projects seemingly to life with his uncanny renderings. Since 2014, he has been transforming 3D images into photograph-quality stills and animations at various stages of a product’s development, helping validate designs prior to manufacturing.
“I taught myself 3D rendering because I like being able to make images or sketches seem real on the screen.”
Larnac has a BTS and a BA from L'École de design (Design for Creative Innovation) Nantes Atlantique in product design and brand design. He also earned a Master’s degree in Design and Innovation Management from the same school. He can manage a design project from start to finished product.
Larnac has three design awards to his name, two for an electric vehicle for mountain sports. He has worked as an industrial designer M-X / Mailleux — Acigné, Ingenico Group, and his own design company, all in France.
“My favorite is to work on user-centered design projects because they need a lot of research about users’ needs and problems that I can solve.”
When Takumi Yamamoto and Cyrille Ancely contacted Larnac about The DB Project, he was interested. When he heard the story behind it, he signed up immediately.
A Portrait of db has provided a unique challenge requiring a different kind of research.
“What was really interesting about this project was the artistic approach. We wanted to capture David Bowie’s spirit and the atmosphere of his videos, so I researched his songs, videos, and cover jackets over different periods.”  
As the CG artist, Larnac rendered the concept car sculpture’s screen-based 3D model into realistic renderings and animations. He made it appear that car was already on the road, spirit of Bowie and all.
This was even before the first piece was 3D printed.
As Larnac and team wait for A Portrait of db to be revealed, he continues his work as a freelance industrial designer and CG Artist for the company that bears his name: AlexandreLarnacDesign.